Motorbike: 2014 WR250R YAMAHA Pictures, review, specifications, Motorcycle Insurance

Post On: 27 July 2013
July 27, 2013

2014 WR250R YAMAHA Pictures, review, specifications, Motorcycle Insurance a singular of motorbike parts details. Here motorcycles as good as motor bike information, happy to read 2014 WR250R YAMAHA Pictures, review, specifications, Motorcycle Insurance information.

2014 Yamaha WR250R
YAMAHA Pictures, review, specifications, Motorcycle Insurance information, collision lawyers.

Power – Potent, liquid-cooled, 250cc, DOHC, 4-valve, 4-stroke powerplant with super light titanium money coming in valves as good as electronic fuel injection.

Performance – Ceramic combination plated cylinder provides glorious feverishness abolition for unchanging energy delivery, marked down attrition for increasing energy as good as marked down weight given there is no complicated iron sleeve or liner.

2014 Yamaha WR250R cinema , 480x360 pixels
2014 Yamaha WR250R cinema 1 2014 Yamaha WR250R cinema 2
2014 Yamaha WR250R cinema 3

2014 Yamaha WR250R Review

Conquer Dirt…

Inspired by a mythological WR off categorical highway series, a WR250R is a appurtenance which offers implausible opening on categorical highway as good as off. Discover for yourself only how 250cc of fuel injected energy can lift a boundary of performance. The insubordinate WR250R is ready to tame a twistest categorical highway or a toughest route … with power, doing as good as style.

2014 Yamaha WR250R Features as good as Benefits


•Potent, liquid-cooled, 250cc, DOHC, 4-valve, 4-stroke powerplant with super light titanium money coming in valves as good as electronic fuel injection.
• Super accessible electric starting equates to fast, certain starts.
• Hassle giveaway involuntary decompression complement ensures quick starting as good as reduces battery energy requirements.
• Lightweight magnesium cylinder conduct cover helps revoke weight.
• Double beyond cam, 4-valve explosion cover features a compress “pent-roof” settlement for limit respirating efficiency.
• Downdraft -type true settlement money coming in pier provides a many fit money coming in upsurge for limit engine performance.
• Lightweight titanium money coming in valves as good as load-reduced springs diminution weight by some-more than 40% (Vs steel valves). Titanium valves revoke reciprocating mass for faster-revving, as good as marked down frictional waste for smoother-hitting energy smoothness opposite a rev range. Intake valves are 30mm in diameter, whilst a steel empty valves are 24.5mm in diameter.
• Steep valve angles, 11.5 degrees on a money coming in side as good as 12.5 degrees on a empty furnish a some-more compress explosion chamber.
• Dual electrode NGK CR9EK hint block is located in a centre of a explosion cover for fast, tranquil explosion as good as good stifle response.
•Ceramic combination plated cylinder provides glorious feverishness abolition for unchanging energy delivery, marked down attrition for increasing energy as good as marked down weight given there is no sleeve or liner.
• Special cylinder settlement features “cutaways” which concede a air “trapped” underneath a piston to come in a side cover (or cutaway) to revoke horsepower-robbing “pumping losses.”
• Special settlement crankcases additionally implement “cutaways” to revoke “pumping losses.” The crankcase cutaways compare a cutaways in a cylinder to revoke ‘pumping losses.
• The crankcases feature a “tri-axis” settlement for a crankshaft, categorical as good as expostulate axles. This tri-axis settlement keeps a crankcases some-more compress whilst additionally centralizing mass for softened handling. All of a shafts are positioned low in a cases to say a low centre of sobriety for good doing as good as maneuverability.
• Lightweight, tall strength, short-skirt, fake aluminum piston provides good continuance as good as its lightweight settlement equates to quick engine reply as good as marked down involuntary vibration.
• Lightweight drum temperament character crankshaft with optimized mass delivers glorious stifle reply as good as clever acceleration.
• Engine opposite balancer reduces quivering for softened rider joy as good as marked down rider fatigue. This bike can journey at categorical highway speeds comfortably.
• Special settlement tall opening camshafts (intake & exhaust) yield superb class heading power. The cams feature a WPC (Wonder Process Craft) diagnosis which increases aspect softness for good continuance as good as marked down shifting resistance.
•Wet sump lubrication complement is used. This complement reduces weight as good as a array of relocating parts contra a dry sump system.
•Piston oil cooler utilizes a pinpoint projection which directs oil to a preferred apportionment of a cylinder as good as underside of a piston, which reduces piston, cylinder as good as rod temperatures for good durability.
• Oil volume in engine has been optimized to revoke weight as good as oil “drag” associated energy losses.
• Easy access element-type oil filter is used.
• Compact settlement hydraulic involuntary cam sequence tensioner reduces upkeep as good as involuntary engine noise.
•38mm, Mikuni electronic stifle physique fuel injection complement is used. This complement is a return-less FI complement with TPS (throttle on all sides sensor). It provides glorious stifle response, good fuel economy, marked down emissions as good as a choke-free design.
•Long projection sort 2 hole injector is used as good as provides a identical tiwn mist settlement for glorious fuel atomizationa as good as many appropriate in class performance.
• Easy to use 4.1 liter air box with a money coming in carry out valve provides state of a art money coming in as good as glimmer control. The froth air filter is a washable design.
• Maintenance-free transistor-controlled digital ignition (TCI) ensures quick starts as good as good opening at all rpms.
• Compact sixteen bit ECU features 3D ignition mapping to intensify a engine energy characteristics. The ECU provides optimal timing at all rpms for quick engine response.
• Lightweight approach ignition curl is integrated in to a block tip to revoke weight as good as complexity
• Wide comparative measure 6-speed delivery features gear ratios written for on as good as off categorical highway riding. This delivery adopts a “shower type” lubrication complement for good reliability.
• Heavy-duty purchase matches engine outlay as good as offers a light, on-going purchase feel with reduction push effort.
• Quick-access, lightweight aluminum outdoor purchase cover allows fast, easy access to a clutch.
• Single, 9.5KW rad is used. The “exhaust air” (after it has upheld by a rad) is destined divided from a rider for glorious rider comfort. An electric cooling air blower maintains unchanging engine temperatures even in stop as good as go traffic. The singular rad is located on a left side of a fuel tank.
• Lightweight, compress “rare-earth-type” ACM (alternating stream magneto … 14V & 350W outlay ) is used.
• Upswept empty complement features a immaculate steel header siren as good as a compress 3-stage enlargement sort scarf with a honeycomb catalyzer to revoke empty emissions. This complement maximizes engine energy as good as allows hassle-free deputy of a oil filter. It features a cleanable screen-type hint arrestor. Heat shields strengthen rider as good as passenger.
• The empty complement additionally features Yamaha’s EXUP System (Exhaust Ultimate Power Valve). The singular moth valve prevents a “blow back” materialisation caused by “valve overlap”. The EXUP complement eliminates “flat spots” in a energy rope as good as reduces emissions too.
• Solenoid activated Air Induction System (AIS) reduces damaging empty emissions

• Lightweight, compress aluminum semi-double-cradle await features a accumulation of components. The categorical await is expel aluminum, whilst fake aluminum is used underneath a categorical await next a steering conduct area as good as apart detachable down tubes are skinny walled tall tensile steel. Yamaha has confirmed a almost stand in cradle settlement to concede for “controlled flex” to optimize cessation action. This await settlement provides a low centre of sobriety for a light feel as good as razor pointy handling.
• Detachable tall tensile steel rear underling await is assembled of spin steel pipe. The detachable settlement provides easy rear cessation access as good as reduces costs in a eventuality of double back out.
• Lightweight, tapered, aluminum swingarm features a brew of extruded, expel as good as fake parts. This singular rear arm provides a many appropriate rigidity-strength shift as good as a energetic demeanour too.
• 46mm, tractable inverted, Kayaba cartridge flare yield glorious cessation performance. Front wheel transport is 270mm (10.6″). Front flare adjustments include: 19-way application damping as good as 17-way miscarry damping.
• Cast aluminum tip three times clamp as good as fake aluminum revoke three times clamp revoke weight as good as provides glorious strength. The steering branch is light weight aluminum. The flare features a 25mm equivalent as good as a 28mm spindle equivalent for good fortitude as good as neutral steering characteristics.
• YZ desirous “cantilever style” flare protectors hang around a flare tubes for increasing word opposite dirt, sand as good as mill chips. These flare protectors are confident to revoke attrition for smoother flare operation.
• Monocross rear cessation complement features a entirely adjustable, piggy-back character shock. Rear startle adjustments include: open preload, twelve approach application damping as good as twenty-three approach miscarry damping. Rear wheel transport is 270mm (10.6″).
• Link-type rear cessation provides a taking flight rate (progressive) cessation function. The linkage settlement is unequivocally identical to those used on a YZ/WR foe line-up. The linkage complement provides a on-going function. As wheel transport increases, a startle absorber “resistance” increases as well. The benefit is a cessation is censure on soothing or tiny bumps though interjection to a becoming different push comparative measure of a linkage, a complement can additionally catch bigger but bottoming out.
• 250mm entirely floating front front stop with “wave style” rotor is squeezed by a identical tiwn piston Nissin caliper propitious with lightweight 27mm aluminum pistons. Nissin front master cylinder features an 11mm piston. Braking opening is excellent. Sintered steel pads are used
• 230mm rear front utilizes a lightweight “wave style” rotor. The Nissin singular piston caliper as good as an integrated Nissin rear master cylinder (fluid fountainhead is integrated in to a tip of a master cylinder to revoke weight) delivers strong, on-going interlude energy with glorious carry out as good as feel.
• Rugged nonetheless light aluminum DID 21″ (21 x 1.60) front as good as 18″ (18 x 2.15) rear rims yield well-developed continuance as good as assistance revoke unsprung weight for optimal cessation performance. Straight lift spokes are utilized.
• Competition WR array desirous lightweight, digital scale assembly. This compress scale features in a simple mode are; speedometer, odometer, identical tiwn tripmeters, as good as a time as good as FI complement diagnostics. A stopwatch as good as distance-compensating tripmeter can be found in a “measurement or pace government mode”.
• Gripper chair cover is formed on a foe YZ/WR character seat.
• Stylish slim settlement front halogen headlight offers 60/55 watts of lighting power.
• Slim design, compress LED taillight is tucked out of a approach to forestall damage
• Heavy avocation cosmetic (polypropylene) guards in front of a H2O siphon as good as stator cover.

• Premium identical tiwn competition tires suggest good traction in a dirt as good as on a road.
• Slim settlement 7.6 liter steel fuel tank with built-in electic fuel pump.
• Low fuel notice light. The low fuel light will spin on with 2.1 liters of fuel remaining.
• Serrated steel footpegs
• Serrated, aluminum rear stop lever.
• Steel shifter with folding shift push tip
• Rugged, cosmetic rear caliper protector
• Steel handlebars with reinforcing cranky bar
• Adjustable front stop lever
• Compact, low-maintenance 6 amp hour battery is gel-filled sort to forestall leaks in a eventuality of a tip-over.
• Lightweight sequence beam / await helps revoke possibility of sequence derailment. Also helps strengthen rear cog repairs too.
• Heavy avocation “O” ring sequence for durability
• Passenger footpegs
• Helmet lock
• Locking fuel tip as good as steering
• Convenient oil spin steer glass

2014 Yamaha WR250R
Canadian Specifications

Canada MSRP Price: $ 6,999.00 CDN

4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, single
77 x 53.6mm
2.4kg-m (17.4 ft-lb) @ 8,500 rpm
Mikuni 38mm stifle physique F.I.
29kpl / 83mpg (Imp.)
Wet sump
TCI / Electric Start
“O” ring chain

Adjustable 46mm inverted flare / 270mm (10.6″) travel
Fully tractable Monocross / 270mm (10.6″) travel
250mm floating front / identical tiwn piston
230mm front / singular piston

2,175mm (85.6″)
810mm (31.9″)
1,230mm (48.4″)
1,420mm (55.9″)
300mm (11.8″)
930mm (36.6″)
7.6 litres (1.7 Imp. gal.)
134 kg (295 lb)
Yamaha Blue

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